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Offering the Finest Furniture refinishing for Bruce County and Beyond

We offer a wide variety of stain and paint colours for your furniture. All stain and paint products are provided by Chemcraft® and M.L. Campbell® Wood Finishings. Once your furniture is ready to be stained, we ask most of our customers to come out and try different stain samples before selecting a final colour. If you want to match an existing piece of furniture we can do that as well. We use shading to darken the colour and provide an even finish if desired.

Lacquer, Coloured Lacquer, and Polyurethane Finishes

For the majority of furniture that we refinish we have a final lacquer put on to serve as a protective coating for the wood. We offer coloured lacquers that are available upon customer request. On some tables we prefer to apply a polyurethane finish. This is also used on all furniture that is exposed to weather as well as stair treads. The polyurethane finish offers superior protection from the elements and will keep your furniture looking great for years.

All chemical waste is collected and properly disposed of by Fielding’s Chemical Technologies INC. from Mississauga, Ontario.

Wash stand before repairs and refinishing


Let us help you with your project.

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