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Learn More About Woodworking from Bruce County Experts Abracadabra Stripping & Refinishing

At Abracadabra Stripping & Refinishing, we have a four-step process that allows us to perform a magical transformation on old, wooden furniture and trim to turn them into finely crafted pieces of art with our woodworking in Bruce County. It begins with our stripping system:

Flow Over Stripping System

During this step of the process we remove all hardware and strip the wood down to it bare layer. All previous paint, lacquer, and finishes are removed to make the sanding and repair process easier. We even use a pressure washer to properly neutralize any stripping chemical and wash away any residue. This prepares the original wood for sanding and any repairs that need to be made.

Sanding and Repairs

If your item only needs repairs we begin at this stage of the process. If you have having your item completely refurbished all repairs are done after stripping. We work to fix loose joints, fill cracks, replace any parts that are damaged or missing, and much more. Once we have completed repairs the piece is then sanded smooth to prepare for the final stage.

Staining, Shading, and Colour Matching

The final two stages of the rehabilitation process include choosing a stain and then applying a final lacquer that serves as a protective coating for the finish. We have a wide variety of stains and paint colours to choose from, so your piece can be uniquely you when complete. The final finish is either completed with lacquer, coloured lacquer, or polyurethane finish that serves as a final protective barrier.

All chemical waste is collected and properly disposed of by Fielding’s Chemical Technologies INC. from Mississauga, Ontario.

Wash stand before repairs and refinishing


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